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What Inspired Works is about

Have you ever looked at other people and wondered how they got where they are now? Have you wondered how you can be happier, healthier, and better at what you do? Or maybe you’ve been fortunate enough to carve out your own path successfully, and now you would like to share your experiences with others? Inspired Works is about all of that and more. Become a subscriber to the Inspired Works podcast and listen anywhere, anytime.

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Our Mission

When you help someone overcome, you overcome. When you help someone achieve, you achieve. When you help someone understand, you understand. Intentionally help someone else first. It will change your life. Each and every podcast features a unique individual – like you! – who is doing just that. And making this world a better place.

Future guest profile:  Teamotions with Rachel Crawford.  Preview here.

Be Our Featured Guest.

Everyone has a story. Chances are, your story is not only interesting, but you’ve dealt with situations that have challenged everything you have worked for, your beliefs and even your existence. How did you overcome seemingly unsurmountable obstacles to arrive where you are today? When you tell your story, and it resonates with others, you make a difference in this world. Share your story and what you’ve learned with us. Get in touch with us about being a featured guest on Inspired Works ➙

iTunes New and Noteworthy Press Release

The Inspired Works Podcast

San Diego, CA / December 12, 2014 / iTunes /–The Inspired Works Podcast has been recognized by Apple’s iTunes as New and Noteworthy as the #1 podcast in  (3) different podcast categories.  The Inspired Works Podcast has consistently appeared in New and Noteworthy since launching Oct. 22, 2014 scale   “Mad love to our listeners and tremendous gratitude to our guest speakers for the amazing content.  They are the real deal.  They make ALL the difference.  I am just blessed to be a part of the conversation.”   “Quick shout out to Fire Nation EliteSan Diego Social Venture Partners, my boy Derek Loudermilk for killing it on the front page of iTunes N&N, Doug ‘Dougie Fresh’ Goldstein, Tom Corley for being relentless, Cynthia Lieberman for the great work we are going to do, and Hope Caruso for supporting me when no one else would.”   “I have so much thanks to give.  My call to action is for audience members to reach out, engage, and ask questions.  How can we support you?   ”  – Chuck Wang   Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 3.51.26 AM  

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